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Project BEIJAFLOR (Brazil)

Project BEIJAFLOR (Brazil)

Project BEIJAFLOR (Brazil)

The right to a decent health is often impossible for the children of farmers displayed around the state of Cearà.

Where we are

State of Ceara and its capital Fortaleza.
Cooperating with the Associaçao Beijaflor, a Brazilian Ngo specialized in facial surgical treaments.

The Project

Financing surgical operations for children with craniofacial malformations.

The children will then be placed on a long free course of supplementary care (dentistry, speech therapy, psychological assistance and any additional surgical operations) by the Beijaflor Association (the Brazilian partner we work with) until they reach the age of 18.

How to support this project:

Results as of 31/12/2022

110 children  surgically operated and completely recovered.